ADD/ADHD Natural Remedy

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ADD, or Attention Deficit Disorder, is very common among kids, but adults can have it too. Sometimes you can grow out of ADD, but other people might have it all their lives. It makes it really hard to focus on what you need to focus on, and you get easily distracted with other things. To help bring you back to what you need to focus on, here are some common natural remedies for ADD.

Natural Remedies for ADD/ADHD Include:

  1. Caffeine

Doctors prescribe stimulant medications to help ADD/ADHD patients regroup their brains and stay on task. These medications often come with nasty side effects. An alternative is caffeine, which is frequently found in most breakfast drinks, energy drinks and some foods.

  1. Chocolate

Yes, chocolate! Chocolate contains small amounts of caffeine, a stimulant, plus theobromine, a natural mood enhancer that allows you to feel better and think better. Combining your morning coffee with chocolate for mocha packs twice the punch.

  1. Fish and Fish Oil

Fish is already a big “brain food.” Fish oil capsules can be purchased and ingested if you do not like fish. For maximum impact, you should be eating fatty-rich ocean fish, like salmon and tuna, once a day to get enough fish oil in your diet.

  1. Gingko and Ginseng

Ginko and ginseng are both found in energy drinks. They perk up the brain, producing an “awake” effect similar to caffeine, but without the grouchy side effects. You can also purchase ginseng and gingko supplements.

  1. B Vitamins

Your B vitamins encourage an increase in oxygen in the blood, which provides more oxygen to the brain, which causes you to regain focus when you are tired. Take a B vitamin supplement every morning. You should notice a difference in focus right away.

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