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Allergies can be a nuisance. The symptoms are unpleasant, and many allergy sufferers feel so bad that their productivity and ability to enjoy life are reduced. Many over-the-counter treatments cause unpleasant side effects, particularly drowsiness, and many people build up a tolerance to these meds over time, making them ineffective. Opting for natural treatments is the better choice for many individuals.

Five Natural Remedies for Allergies:

  1. Salt remedies have been used for centuries. Many favor the Neti pot filled with salt water. If you find the sensation of a Neti pot unpleasant, simply inhale a bit of salt water up one nostril at a time. Sea or Himalayan salt is recommended.
  2. Many find relief by consuming raw, local honey. Local honey is likely to contain trace amounts of allergens, and eating it or drinking it in your tea is a way to gently build up a tolerance to these allergens. This is especially helpful for those suffering from seasonal, airborne allergies
  3. Stinging nettle works as a natural antihistamine. Taking a dried preparation—capsule form is easiest—before allergy begins is a good way to fight seasonal allergies.
  4. Eucalyptus oil is another easy way to fight allergies. A drop can be included with your salt water if you use a Neti pot, or you can simply purchase a diffuser and breathe in the benefits as you work or relax at home.
  5. Apple cider vinegar is useful as a defense against many ailments, including allergies. Simply drink a couple tablespoons throughout the day. If you can’t handle straight apple cider vinegar, mix with water and fresh lemon juice. Raw and unpasteurized is best.

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