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Anxiety is a condition that many people struggle with, especially during stressful times in their lives. Often, stress and anxiety go hand-in-hand, about work, planning a trip or making a major life change, but some people experience a constant state of anxiety, often called chronic anxiety. Whether you suffer from anxiety from time to time, or constantly, these natural remedies can help you overcome your condition.

5 Natural Remedies for Anxiety:

  • Studies have shown that Chamomile tea and Green tea have properties that produce the same effects in your brain as anti-anxiety drugs like Valium.
  • Valerian is a natural herbal sedative that many people around the world use for a variety of problems caused by anxiety, including insomnia. Most recommend taking it in a capsule, as tea made from the plant can be excessively bitter.
  • Lemon Balm, another herb, has been used for thousands of years to cure stress and anxiety. Ancient Greek records imply that this herbal remedy was used in even the earliest societies.
  • Many sufferers of chronic and acute anxiety report that positive effects were gained from breathing in lavender, an herb which has a calming aroma.
  • Studies have shown that Omega-3 supplements have positive effects on reducing anxiety, as well as their other known health benefits.

If you’re feeling anxious and you don’t know why, consider exploring the entire natural remedies available to you at little or no cost before running to your doctor’s office.

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