Asthma Natural Remedy

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A natural remedy for asthma can be as simple as sticking to a proper diet. Whole foods and vegetables are going to make the biggest impact on your respiratory health.

Natural Remedies for Asthma Include:

  1. Colorful veggies like yams, leafy greens, berries and carrots are going to keep your system regulated. Vitamin B5 rich foods also known as Pantothenic acid are needed in bigger volume by those suffering with asthma due to their inability to absorb the vitamin completely. It’s worth noting a standard treatment for asthma; Theolair leads to a shortage of Pantothenic acid. This acid is crucial to healthy adrenal glands, which regulate significant respiratory functions.
  2. Garlic, mustard seed and onions boosts immune systems and aids in fighting bacterial infections. These flavorful veggies are considered natural antimicrobials. They also contain an important antioxidant that fights inflammation.
  3. Cultured dairy often prevents young people from experiencing hay fever or asthmatic symptoms. The essential probiotics in cultured dairy products reinforce the immune system by stopping the allergens in the digestive tract.
  4. Pair spinach and other leafy greens with fatty fish like salmon or tuna. Many Omega-3 foods reduce the number of asthma attacks by limiting respiratory inflammation and overreaction of the immune system.
  5. Avoiding processed foods with lots of processed sugars, trans fats, simple carbohydrates and gluten can avoid hidden allergies from flaring up and causing an asthma attack.
  6. Another powerful tool to remedy asthma is yoga. Learning to pace your breathing and focusing on a meditative state allows your body to manage the inflammation present in your respiratory system.

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