Cramps Natural Remedies

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While there are many over the counter medications you can take to relieve cramps there are also natural remedies that you can use. Many of them have been practiced for decades and all have been successful at helping to curb the pain caused by cramps. Here are some medication free ways to cope with the pain.

Five Natural Remedies For Cramps:

  1. A healthy diet can often be enough to control the physical pain that cramps cause. The key is to avoid foods that cause inflammation in your body because they will make the cramps worse. Organic tea is one component of a healthy diet that will help you cope.
  2. Multi-vitamins can also help fight the effects. Vitamin B and magnesium are both supplements that you should routinely take. You can also get these vitamins by eating brown rice, because it can help prevent the bloating that often comes along with cramps.
  3. Even though you may not feel like doing it, engaging in light exercise is another natural remedy. If you can motivate yourself to workout yoga or even power walking can be a huge help.
  4. Applying a source of heat to the affected area can go far in helping you to relieve your cramps. While warm baths and/or heat packs often work, so does using castor oil packs.
  5. Using herbal remedies is a popular way to treat cramps. This includes ingesting chamomile tea and ginger-tea, which has anti-inflammatory properties that can get rid of the pain.

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