Flu Natural Remedy

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The flu is a condition that causes fever, fatigue, nausea, and sometimes even vomiting. There is no cure for the flu, and all doctors can do is prescribe medication that handles the symptoms. You will get much better results with your flu symptoms is you use natural remedies instead of medication.

Five Natural Remedies for the Flu Include:


You will want to increase your intake of water when you have the flu because the flu literally drains your body and leaves you dehydrated. By drinking more water, you are keeping up with your loss of fluids and giving your body a better chance at fighting back.


The flu is a virus that your body must get rid of on its own. Echinacea is a powerful herb that can help fight the flu and flu symptons.

Chicken Soup

Chicken soup went from being an old wives’ tale to becoming a legitimate remedy for the more irritating symptoms of the flu. The broth and vegetables in chicken soup contain nutrients that will help to ease the congestion in your chest, and even help to relieve your flu symptoms faster.

Salt Water

Gargling with salt water will help to remove the phlegm that can accumulate on the back of your throat during the flu, and it can also help to reduce the congestion that causes your ears to clog up.


Ginger tea enhanced with some raw honey will help to relieve the congestion in your head, and it will also soothe your throat.

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