Gluten Sensitivity Natural Remedy

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Gluten sensitivity (also called celiac disease) is a condition that causes the sufferer to be allergic to anything made with the wheat-based ingredient gluten. It causes digestive problems, significant pain, and even nausea if gluten is eaten. Aside from avoiding gluten in your diet, there are natural ways to help counteract the symptoms of celiac disease.

Five Natural Remedies for Gluten Sensitivity Include:

Fish Oil

Fish oil is one of those supplements that seem to take care of everything, but its real strength is in digestive conditions. When you take fish oil, it will line the walls of your small intestines and help reduce your reaction to gluten.


It can take a while to properly diagnose celiac disease, and by the time it is diagnosed there has been a lot of damage done to the digestive system. Yogurt helps to replace the good bacteria that was lost in the digestive system and helps the intestines to start healing.

Horsetail Tea

Horsetail tea is famous for not only reducing the inflammation in the intestines caused by celiac disease, but it also strengthens your digestive system. This helps to reduce the overall effects of celiac disease on the body.

Balanced Diet

Part of the reason celiac disease sufferers sometimes feel drained is because their digestive system is unable to properly process the nutrients in foods. By eating a balanced diet and taking multi-purpose supplements, you can replace the nutrients your body is missing and feel better.

Egg Yolk

Egg yolks, when used in cooking cakes and other typically gluten-filled foods, can help coat the gluten and make it easier for celiac sufferers to digest.

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