High Blood Pressure Natural Remedy

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Most physical ailments can be relieved with natural remedies. Most pharmaceutical companies would prefer that you did not know that. Even high blood pressure can be relieved naturally and you do not have to be on medication the rest of your life once you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. Here are some natural remedies and means to get your high blood pressure in check.

Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure Include:

  1. Exercise

It may seem counterintuitive, but increasing your heart rate through exercise actually increases better blood flow, thereby reducing your heart’s exertion rate. Couch potatoes have more problems with high blood pressure than people who routinely take a daily walk or run. If you are really out of shape, start small; fifteen to twenty minutes of walking every day for a few weeks helps. Continue to increase your exercise every day. You will see a drop in blood pressure in about a month.

  1. Grape Seed Extract

For whatever reason, red wine and the extracts made from the seeds of red grapes helps reduce blood pressure. Just eating red grapes daily also helps.

  1. Pomegranates and Pomegranate Juice

Scientists are not sure why this works either, but it does.

  1. Cut Out Salt and Sodium

A diet high in salt and sodium increases blood salinity, a factor that causes water retention and forces your heart to pump harder to help remove the excess salt and water from your body. Decrease your salt and sodium and you will feel much better.

  1. Decrease Caffeine

In a stimulated world, you probably drink something with caffeine in the morning. Limit it to one cup or serving, or drink tea or half-caf coffee instead.

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