IBS Natural Remedy

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Irritable bowel symptom (IBS) is not only an embarrassing condition, it can become dangerous if not treated properly. The most common symptoms of IBS include stomach pains, chronic diarrhea, and even constipation. With the right natural remedies, you can find relief from this problem and get back to being a social person again.

Natural Remedies for IBS include:


Yogurt is made from fermented food that contains an element called probiotics. These probiotics can help to regulate your system and handle IBS. There is even some yogurt products specially made to handle digestive issues.


A frustrating fact about IBS is that it is a different experience for each patient. In many cases, eating more fiber or taking fiber supplements throughout the day has been shown to significantly decrease the effects of IBS. If you are finding that nothing else seems to be working, then try adding fiber to your diet.

Peppermint Oil

IBS causes involuntary muscle spasms in the colon that can be painful. Since the early 1970s, peppermint oil has been show to be able to counteract these spasms and bring relief to IBS sufferers. While peppermint oil is not very effective for the other symptoms of IBS, it does have good results with relieving the pain.

Reducing Stress

A natural remedy for IBS that doesn’t cost you a penny is finding ways to reduce stress in your life. It has been shown that increased levels of stress cause increased symptoms for IBS patients, so reducing stress will help offset your suffering.


Zinc has been shown to reduce diarrhea and bring relief to people who suffer from IBS. You can eat more foods that contain zinc (such as spinach), or you can take zinc supplements

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