Natural Remedies For Lupus

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Natural Remedies For Lupus


Lupus has a scary reputation, largely because people are generally unaware of what it is. Most sufferers live a relatively normal life, especially if diagnosed and treated early. There are numerous natural remedies to ameliorate the symptoms; here are five:


  1. Anti-inflammatory diet

Organic and unprocessed foods are best. Eat fruit and vegetables with high levels of antioxidants to battle fatigue and help repair damage to joints. Turmeric and ginger are excellent anti-inflammatories, as are fish high in omega-3 fats and bone broth.

Avoid gluten, trans fat, and certain legumes (like alfafa, green beans, soya beans, and snow peas), and moderate your sugar, alcohol, and caffeine intake.


  1. Take care of yourself spiritually

Lupus and its flare-ups are exacerbated by emotional stress. Find a stress relieving exercise, such as meditation, yoga, breathing techniques, relaxing hobbies. Make sure you are well rested.


  1. Look after the skin you're in

Eat avocado, nuts and seeds, cucumbers, melon, coconut and olive oil, and drink plenty of water, green tea or herbal tea. Avoid peak sunlight, wear sunscreen, spritz yourself with mineral water at regular intervals. Get a lot of Vitamin E. Use a humidifier. Use beauty products that are made with natural ingredients.


  1. Exercise

Get exercise as well - it's vital to maintain cardiovascular fitness, regulate metabolism, promote strong bones and flexibility, and fight fatigue.


  1. Watch out for fluoride

Get a reverse osmosis water purifier if you live somewhere with heavily fluoridated water. Switch to non-fluoride toothpastes, and thoroughly wash all produce.

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