Natural Remedies For Nausea

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Natural Remedies For Nausea


Everyone suffers from nausea at times. There are many natural remedies for nausea that can be used by anyone. These remedies are often preferred over medical remedies.


Here are five natural remedies for nausea:


  1. One way to cure your nausea naturally is to combine ginger ale or club soda with drops of cocktail bitters. Generally you will want to use five or six drops in your soda in order to chase the nausea away. This is effective because bitters contain mint, fennel, ginger and cinnamon.


  1. If you prefer to use only ginger to cure your nausea you can either take supplements or chews. You also have the option of making tea at home using chopped ginger roots.


  1. A BRAT diet is another way to treat nausea naturally. This diet includes overcooked toast, bananas, rice and applesauce, all of which can be used to treat nausea. The reason for this is because they are low fiber foods. There is nothing in these foods that will aggravate an upset stomach.


  1. There are many ways to use peppermint to treat your nausea. You can chew on peppermint leaves, suck on flavored candies and smell peppermint extract. Drinking tea with peppermint or even spearmint in it will have the same affect on your stomach.


  1. For the strong willed, apple cider vinegar is another choice. You can drink it by mixing it in with honey and water. To drink it on its own, pour yourself a tablespoon and swallow it.



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